Medical Piercing: SAFE OR THE SAFEST?

Medical Piercing: SAFE OR THE SAFEST?

“Ear piercing” this term stirs up various concerns for the majority of us. Is it painful? Will I get redness, soreness or swelling? Are just a few of them.

Getting your ears pierced as an adult can be as unsettling and intimidating as getting your child’s ears pierced.

Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

A simple process undertaken by a trained Blomdahl Piercer brings both safety and comfort.

According to a detailed study up to 6%-35% people who pierce their ears, face complications even long after the process is done.

Blomdahl, a Swedish medical company, has created the ultimate solution to the prevention of all types of ear infections or allergies that piercings may cause.


Trust us! Like thousands of mothers, teenagers and people already do.
Blomdahl uses a “modern aseptic technique” called Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing that ensures the overall health of your ear lobes while piercing.

Medical piercing is a process undertaken using a sharp needlelike instrument to make a hole in the place desired to be pierced. It is a surgically sterile technique that eliminates any chances of infecting the ear, making it the safest way to go.
Blomdahl has been taking care of you and your loved ones for the past 20 years and we won’t stop. The testimonials of thousands of happy clients and satisfied customers say the same.


Because we love what we do and bring nothing but the best to you.
The Blomdahl piercing system uses a single use disposable cartridge to pierce and insert the earring post simultaneously, allowing your nerves and tissues to familiarise themselves with the foreign object at a considerable pace speeding the healing process and eliminating any chances of infection.


Some individuals suffer from allergic reactions to jewellery, this may happen because of the presence of nickel or second grade metal in them, Blomdahl allows you to give jewellery another chance.
The jewellery created by Blomdahl are nickel free, which removes any concern related to allergies, giving you the feeling of satisfaction, you rightfully deserve.
With earring backs placed away from the skin of your ear lobes, Blomdahl’s medical ear piercings are also known for healing at a considerably quick pace.
Piercings are undertaken by a trained Blomdahl Piercer at a clean and safe location, at your own convenience with the use of the finest equipment and piercing products.

Beauty doesn’t have to come with a price or with lasting pain and Blomdahl medical piercings make sure of it.

Blomdahl is the first in the world to launch a sterile, disposable cassette containing a sterile ear-

piercing earring with earring back.” Blomdahl Medical Beauty
We understand what you need and deliver it with confidence.


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